Courageous Women

Networking and meeting like-minded women in business over the past few years has played an enormous part in me stepping out on my own, and launching my business as a Freelance Writer.

It is my job to listen with interest and to craft creative content for women in business.  Although I’ve noticed that one particular story is often forgotten, and that is the journey to starting a business, and the passion and determination needed to pursue it, and ultimately realise the dream.  It is these stories that are hugely inspiring, and here at Being Truly Me, we believe it’s these stories that should be celebrated and shared.

So how could Being Truly Me help you to get your story and your voice out there?

COURAGEOUS WOMEN is a new feature blog post.  The interview is a genuine opportunity for women in business to share their story, and to capture what it means to be truly them in their business.

Why courageous?

In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart” (Brene Brown.)

Being authentic about why we do what we do in our business, and sharing that story, is a great way to attract and connect with the right customers and clients for your business.

The COURAGEOUS WOMEN package includes the following for £125;

  • A 60 minute interview, with the opportunity to record it.
  • A published blog post of the interview on the Being Truly Me website.
  • Being Truly Me would share the post across all social media channels.
  • You would be free to share the post across your social media channels.
  • You would also receive full rights to the copy to keep, and use as you wish for your own online marketing.

Is this you? Would you like help to tell your story?

If so, please get in touch here, it would great to chat some more, and get an interview booked in at a time to suit you.