Freelance Writer Swindon

My Story

I haven’t always been a writer. 

Before I chose to become self-employed and made it my mission to discover a way of life that was right for me and my family, I was a Nurse.  

Working both in the NHS and serving in the Royal Navy for a while. I specialised in Occupational Health and spent the last few years of my career helping to support and rehabilitate people back to work following a prolonged absence due to illness.

In my 20’s and 30’s working as a Nurse, it never occurred to me that I would look to pursue a different career later in life, let alone set up my own business.  I thought nursing would be my life, and that I would be in the profession until I retired. 

Although the worlds of being a nurse and that of a writer on the surface seem poles apart, the skills I learnt and acquired along the way now serve me well in my business. 

Spending time listening intently, building trust and meaningful working relationships, and offering a dedicated and quality service, are all skills and values I bring to the table working in my business.

You could say I’m somewhat of accidental entrepreneur.  Re-connecting with creative writing only came about through journaling, something I was encouraged to do when I started working with a coach. 

I first came up with the name “Being Truly Me” for my blog.  It seemed to accurately describe a pivotal time in my life.  A time when I stopped to re-evaluate things and go in search of what it was that would truly light me up!

Writing was most definitely one of those things and has now become a part of every-day life for me.

Creative writing is now my work.  I love helping other small business owners to share their stories and be truly them on the page.  As well as share my own words in a way that I hope brings a little joy and light into the world.