Hi, I’m Charlotte Riley and I’m a Creative Content Writer and Blog Writer.

I’m also a stay-at-home mum to our son, and married to Al.  I have an insane appetite for books, whether that’s buying, sharing or reading them.  I love to be super organised and I live for harmony, happiness and an uncomplicated life (not a big ask really!)

 I also love to bake – anything really, but generally, incredibly yummy treats for my family.

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A little bit of background

I haven’t always been a writer, up until a few years ago I was a Registered Nurse and worked part-time after having my son.  The whole working, keeping the house in order, managing my health and supporting my family just wasn’t working for us, and I say us because we are most definitely a team at home.  A team I love being part of, it’s crazy sometimes but a lot of fun!

Stepping out of the workplace to become a stay at home mum from a well-respected and recognised profession,  I lost a huge part of who I was.  I remember my husband saying to me “take some time out for you, focus on getting well!”  But I was always there scouring the internet for jobs, or projects I could do.  I felt guilty being at home; there was a void I needed to fill.

In terms of getting well, I have a chronic inflammatory condition, which I thought I had never let define me in any way, but having reared its ugly head a few times, suffered multiple flare ups, and been dosed up on steroids, all of this and the overwhelming fatigue had become par for the course.

Besides all of this, within a few months of leaving my part-time job, I had set up my own network marketing business with a well-known UK children’s publisher.  Selling beautiful children’s books in people’s homes, at every fete, fair and event I could get to, I was back out there.  I had given myself a title again, and I had filled that void.

For 2 years I pursued my business & recruited a team.  I wasn’t setting the world on fire although I was earning enough money to pay for those little luxuries, like a new outfit or a pair of shoes.  Throughout all of this though my health really wasn’t getting any better.   I was fatigued, symptomatic, de-motivated & gaining weight from being on and off steroids and not exercising.  I was going to bed at 8pm every night as I was done-in!  I felt as though I was just treading water and I knew something had to change.

I had started attending networking meetings to get myself out there and share my business with others with the intention of growing my customer base and my team.  What I hadn’t planned for however was to meet such a welcoming community of women who given time would help me to stop treading water and throw me a lifeline.  They would be the one’s to champion me to be truly me.

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We’ve all got a story to tell

…..and this is my story.

My blog came about through journaling and re-connecting with writing again.  It’s my personal journey along the road to healing, health and finding inspiration.  How in the year I turned 40 I made a conscious decision to find out what I needed to let go of,  what I should embrace, and how I accepted some much-needed help along the way.

All roads lead to home for me; it’s my haven of harmony and happiness.  On this journey I’ve been exploring what’s out there for me, and what truly lights me up!

“Was I having a midlife crisis?” no probably more of an awakening.

Writing has now become a part of every day life for me, and writing for other entrepreneurs and business owners is now my work.  

To learn more about how I found myself on this road to wanting to achieve a better balance of health, to heal my soul, and learn to live unapologetically and be truly me, why not follow my blog.  There’s everything from getting fit, embracing my true colours, my crazy passion for books, and a bit of business stuff thrown in for good measure.

If you are a business owner struggling to write your story and create compelling content for your blog, newsletter or website, please get in touch with me here.