Things that you love

Things that you love - by Charlotte Riley, Being Truly Me

holding on tight
afraid to let go
afraid of the void
if you start to say no
to the things in your life
that clutter your head
that crowd your vision
that fill you with dread
to the things in your life
that dampen your spark
that silence your voice
that keep you in the dark
be brave and say no
to the things in your life
that don’t fill your heart
where your energy doesn’t flow
don’t fill the void
although it is tempting
with stuff and things
that before left you empty
instead let it breathe
leave it to be
it will flourish
and maybe, just maybe
with a head, less cluttered
your vision clear
things that you love
will begin to appear
things that you love
will come to the for
your talents and gifts
to be yourself once more
to make your mark
doing what you love
things that have meaning
and not the above

This poem was inspired by the change of the seasons and the constant juggle and busyness of life. If the words of this poem resonate with you, please share, comment and like.

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