For the journey – by me

For the journey - by Charlotte Riley, Being Truly Me 

sometimes we get stuck
get in our own way 
keep ourselves safe
stay feeling afraid
ask yourself what?
what could it be like?
what could I create?
if I didn’t hide
hide in this hole
where no one can see me
safe in the dark 
protected, but lonely
take a deep breath 
be brave, look out
look towards the horizon 
see what’s about
the light there is golden
shining bright
giving you hope and strength 
to hold on tight
for the journey
you are about to take
into the unknown 
a leap of faith
it's not about 
how fast or slow
just promise yourself 
you'll give it go
if not now
when would you try?
to escape the hole
the place you can hide

try the one thing 
that you love to do
that lights you up
that you found others love too
you didn’t know before 
because you didn’t ask
you didn’t try
it got left in the past
now you know 
you can begin to unfold 
like the pages of a story 
before untold 
your secret is out
with nothing to fear
nothing to hide
but a heart full of cheer
only now you can see 
how the hole you once hid
stifled your creations 
serving only as a lid
lifting this has let you breathe
giving you, the space you need
to explore, give things a go
embrace and allow your creativity to flow  

If you are feeling stifled or struggling to pull yourself out of a hole (which might be quite comfy,) just know that there are adventures to be had, and experiences to explore. Go for it, lift the lid, and allow yourself to breathe.

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