Writing is another way – by me.

Writing is another way - by Charlotte Riley, Being Truly Me

writing is another way
to speak
just not out loud
to say the things
when you feel shy
vulnerable or proud
the things
that you’ve been meaning to say, or show others
but somehow never do
it can be easier
to write them down
in a quiet place, when it’s only you
a comfortable spot
a cup of tea
time to sit, a moment to be
the words will come
when you feel at peace
without thinking, for you to release  
be willing to learn
from what you write
what maybe hiding in plain sight
read them back
out loud if you need to
it’s your voice, calling back at you
telling you
what you know to be true
to let others, see the real you

Another verse from me here at Being Truly Me. If this resonates with you I would love to hear your thoughts or for you to share this post on your social channels. Thank you for stopping by as always.

Until next time, let others see the real you.

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