Take time to notice - by Charlotte Riley, Being Truly Me 

greet each day with fresh eyes
take a moment
to notice
to feel the ground
beneath your feet
rooted safe and strong
to move forward
with what you are doing
knowing you belong
to not feel rushed
to take your time
discover your own wisdom
to not be small
or dim your light
instead stand tall, be inspired
to find the courage
to sing a new tune
stay in your lane, share your truth
to embrace your ordinary
don’t sell out for fame
be truly you, let others play that game
to learn what matters the most to you
that floats your boat
and sparks joy too

to know in this life
you have a purpose
the opportunities to discover it are abundant and endless
the adventure comes when you try and fail
and fail some more
only to learn that there’s another door
ready to open
waiting to knock
or find the key that fits, to unlock
the lofty ideas
that fill your dreams
your every moment of simply being
you’re not for everyone
and that’s ok
love yourself first, then give it away
one thing is true
run your own race
don’t try and keep with everybody else’s pace
take a moment
to notice
each day
that being truly you, you can do what you love
and give back to others
in your own unique way

Another verse to hopefully inspire you and allow you some time to take a breath, slow down and know that your light is burning brightly and showing you the way.

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Thank you for stopping by. Until next time, be truly you.

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