Souls apart – by me.

Souls apart - by Charlotte Riley, Being Truly Me. 

though souls apart
I am present
not in the shadows, in the rays of light
that flood a room
in the music you play
in the stories you write
though not in this world
always connected
my voice
listen, there it is
whispering to you forever
to keep going
be fearless
don’t stop for too long
find others to join you
your vision is strong

your potential is golden
if you choose to break free
from the limiting boundaries
of your own beliefs
be confident
with those in your tribe 
they will help you
think more deeply
be your moral guide
your vison
let it breathe
it’s more than you
it needs to be
it’s a genuine desire to share
the words of yours and others
to inspire through story

I will eventually get round to posting some blogs of the Being Truly Me story so far. In the meantime I leave you with this, some words from me.

Until next time, be truly you.

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