There’s still time – by me.

There's still time - by Charlotte Riley, Being Truly Me. 

feeling lost
pay attention to your breath
feel into your gut
the warmth of your heart
the voice in your head
align them
or choose one
find some peace
let the truth reveal
if it hurts, just know
it will heal
a healed wound
a fresh start
to tread a new path
no route set
opportunity knocks
consider, deny or accept
say yes or no to what feels right
give yourself permission
close your eyes
imagine if
you had more courage
what could you achieve?

trust your gut
move forward
make your reality what you believe
nurture your strengths
make known what you need
don’t hold back
live with your whole heart
honest and brave
reignite forgotten habits you once made
habits that nourish
fill your cup
inspire you to never give up
there's still time
no need to rush
to reconnect with all that you love

I wrote in a recent blog post that I had felt lost trying to follow the blueprint of another, rather than forge my own path, and it was this that sparked the idea for this poem. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope you will check back soon for more from Being Truly Me.

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