A blank page – by Charlotte Riley

A Blank Page - by Charlotte Riley, Being Truly Me.

a blank page 
an empty void
to fill or not
pen poised

leave it empty
let the light in
tend to it
nurture it
new ideas will begin

begin to show
grow with time
the words will flow
on to the page

with freedom and ease
no tension
no pressure
a sense of release

words and phrases flood her mind
her focus
to share
be honest and kind

the empty void
once blank and uninspiring
now rich with stories
words intertwining
the beauty and courage
revealing a story
by sharing it gently
she feels bolder and lighter
released from the heaviness
of carrying around
a weight, a load
a tale buried deep underground
to relive it may cause anguish
frustration and pain
nervous to be her whole self
and not to refrain
now is the time
to discover her gifts
live out her purpose
and look for the light
the light that is guiding
showing the way
a different way, a new path
to follow and stay
stay with it, create it
make it her own
one thing at a time
and never feel alone

surrounded by love
encouraged and safe
content, well and happy
with the strength to be brave
her head less cluttered
the pen no longer poised
the void now a haven
of beauty to explore

Thank you for taking the time to read my poem.

I have a post-it on my vision board that says “what would you do if you had 100% more courage?” and this is it. Share my creative writing, let go of self doubt and have a go.

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