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New beginnings and new stories.

I’ve been procrastinating a lot lately about what it is I feel drawn to do.

I’ve been procrastinating about writing about it and about showing up here and sharing it with you.

Where do I begin?

For the past year or so I have been writing for other small business owners, as them. Being their voice on the page, and showing up in their blogs, articles, and content.   Taking the path of a copywriter has been fascinating. I have loved the experience, and it has been a privilege to step into the world of other entrepreneurs and small businesses. To inhabit their voice, capture their words and give value to their audiences. 

I believe things happen for a reason, and I was meant to tread that path.  The experience has opened my eyes even wider to the world of being a self-employed writer and creative.  Saying yes to projects I didn’t dream I could do.  Turning out work that my customers loved and were proud to publish under their brand, was a such a buzz. 

It has taught me so much.

Every day is a school day, when you show up to work in and on your own business.  There is always something to learn.  One of the things I have learnt over the past year is that writing for me takes time.  

I don’t know whether I am particularly slow at it, maybe I am.   Maybe I’m just too indecisive. Either way it often involves a lot of re-writing, editing, re-working, leaving it alone, only to revisit it, tweak it, and then to publish or release it. 

This is my process. It’s not for everyone but it’s certainly seems to be mine.

I’m not a thrash it out kind of writer, or someone who instinctively knows word for word exactly what they are going to write.  I like to give it space to breath, and I love how it evolves and changes just like a watercolour when the colours collide to create something new and inspiring. 

It’s a very organic process, and the words develop naturally on the page as I hand write or type away on the keyboard.

Each piece is a real labour of love.  Something I invest a huge part of my creative self in every time.  It’s this investment that is at the cornerstone of my work, and only recently have I recognised this and dared to admit it.  

It’s the investment of my time to listen to people. To be gentle and kind and care for their words and their story.  To show it the respect it deserves, and to compose something creative and engaging that has meaning and can inspire and help others in some way.  

I have discovered over the past year or so that my heart and my purpose lie not in writing for people as them, but writing about them, and their experiences.  To leave their stories behind on the page for someone to remember them by or take inspiration from. 

I want to capture conversations, interviews, stories of transformation, courage and resilience. I want to write about those every-day moments and habits that bring joy and restore calm when life gets busy. 

I also want to fall back in love with creative writing again and writing my blog.  I’ve missed it.

Admitting this to you, here and now, has taken every ounce of courage. 

Probably because I invested a huge amount of myself and my time heading down a certain path, only to realise I was lost.     

Lost trying to follow the blueprint of another, rather than forge my own way, wherever that should take me.

Beginning a new chapter in the story of Being Truly Me feels both daunting and exhilarating, yet necessary and important.  I’m off to be more curious, to follow my intuition, and to let my imagination take the lead when it comes to writing and creating the things I love.

Until next time, be you, and only you.

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