Journal writing with Being Truly Me

How writing in a journal can help soothe your mind, spark creativity and answer your own questions about life and business.

It was around this time 2 years ago that I started writing in a journal most days.  

I had never done it before. 

I journaled if I was feeling stuck or I was procrastinating about something. I would list things I was grateful for. I would jot down thoughts and stories, and take the time to reflect on the past, and create dreams for the future. 

I wrote about past life events, how they made me feel emotionally and physically.  I wrote down the things I felt uncomfortable to say out loud, to help make sense of them, as well as the everyday stuff.

Writing for me started out as being what I can only describe as a cathartic experience.  Through the physical act of getting the words down on the page, I began to let go of stuff I had been carrying around with me for decades and began to answer my own questions. 

Giving myself permission to stop and sit down to write felt somewhat self-indulgent in the beginning.  At first, I felt guilty, that I should be doing something else, and that it wasn’t a priority, when in fact it really was. 

Through writing I learned the importance of making myself the priority, to love my strengths and discover my true values.  I found my voice, I grew in confidence, and it soothed my busy mind.   

Writing in a journal for me was liberating.  Baring your whole self on the page, being honest and true was inspiring.  Sitting to write, was my time to retreat, to breathe, and to nourish and restore myself and it still is.

By writing frequently and with my whole heart, I would allow my imagination to wander leaving me feeling inspired to be more courageous and more creative.  Stopping to write created a space where I felt completely at ease, my breathing would settle, the tension in my shoulders release and a sense of real calm would wash over me.  There was nothing to fear, I could be truly me.

With no pretence, formality or plan to follow, when it comes to writing in a journal there is no right or wrong, and no pressure to share or edit it.  It’s yours. 

The pages are there to be filled with your words, a space where you don’t need to hold back, but instead be brave and let your vulnerability reveal itself on the page. 

Whether you choose to scribble and scrawl on every page, draw pictures, make notes, lists or create mind-maps, however you do and how often is down to you. 

Have a go and be your full self.

I spent some time recently looking back over my journal, reading the notes I had made over the past few months.  I was looking for an answer to a question.

The question was what do I write about on my blog? what do I share with you guys?

Following a short hiatus, I admit I was a bit nervous about getting back into the flow again. Reassuringly the answer was right there on the page. I had the known all along. It was to be creative, share my story, and be truly me.

Earlier this year I debated whether to change my business name from Being Truly Me to something else, something like my name for example.  It was a huge dilemma at the time, so I journaled about it.   

The words on the page were real and true, they revealed a deep connection that I couldn’t ignore.  I simply didn’t want to be separated from Being Truly Me. 

Being Truly Me is me, it’s my story and my brand. it’s how I started writing.  It’s a process I have followed, a story of a journey, and something that I hope I never stop striving for. 

Being Truly Me is a feeling and a way of being.  It’s when I feel most alive, in tune with myself, and in harmony with the world around me.  It’s that feeling of complete fulfilment in doing something that lights you up, fills your cup, and makes you smile from the inside out. 

So, there you have it, a few examples of how writing in a journal has helped to soothe my mind, spark my creativity and help to answer questions I had about life and business.

I am on a mission now to discover and write about people who have found their “being truly me” moment, whether it’s a hobby, a job or a business.  As well as those who are looking to make a change in their life to get it.  That thing that is their calling and their purpose.  The thing that lifts their spirits, makes them feel whole and content.

I would also love to connect with and write about those who are helping, coaching or supporting others to discover their true selves, as from experience I know it often takes another to show us the way. 

If I have described you, I would love to you to get in touch, and feature your “being truly me” story right here on the blog. 

If you have enjoyed this blog, then I would love it if you shared it on your social channels for others to read.

Until next time, be truly you. 

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