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Why blogging for business works

Are you thinking of blogging for your business? Maybe you’ve thought about starting a blog but you’re not sure how it could benefit your business or even where to start.  This blog may just shed some light on the matter and help to answer some of your questions.


If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you’ll have picked up on the fact that I love stories.  I believe everyone and every business has a unique story to share, and a blog is the perfect platform to do just that.


This blog post is the result of a short presentation I recently delivered to a fabulous group of women in business attending a local Athena Networking meeting.  I’ll be honest with you I was a little nervous, and with such an enormous subject to cover I was a little overwhelmed to know where to begin too.  When I was fleshing out the idea and planning what I was going to say in only 10 minutes (with a bit of extra time for questions,) I knew I needed to be creative, I needed to keep it interesting, succinct and have some valuable takeaways too.


As with any content I create for a client, I am always recommending ways in which they can repurpose it, whether its to use as social media posts, or on their website.  I thought on this occasion I would actually take some of my own advice and repurpose my presentation into a blog post.


So here goes, here are the 4 key points I want to talk you about;

B – Being you, building trust & storytelling

L – Listening & learning

O – Being organised & observant

G – Getting traction and growing your blog


B – Being you, building trust and storytelling

What do I mean by being you?

As I mentioned before, having a blog on your business website is the ideal place for you to share your story.  No-one else has walked in your shoes, set up your business, developed the products or services you offer, and packaged them up like you have.

Of course you will have competitors within your industry, however they are not you.  I believe we all have a story to share, and by presenting your values and your vision, showing off your personality, and sharing your expertise you can truly connect with people on an emotional level and inspire them.

By sharing meaningful and useful content with our readers you have the opportunity to become their go-to expert and someone they trust, even before they have met you, picked up the phone or sent you an email.

If  however you haven’t got the time or skill set to be you on the page, or struggle to capture the most powerful and impactful parts of your story, then find someone who can help you and write as you.


L – Listening & Learning

One of the biggest challenges faced by many of the business owners I work with and speak to is knowing exactly what to blog about.  Telling your story is important, however it is equally important to make your customer the hero of the story too, and to do that you need to listen to them.

You want to be publishing content that is of value to people, so tune in to what it is they need from you (having a trusty notebook or somewhere on your phone to capture all those frequently asked questions is invaluable.)  As a result I am pretty sure that you could create a blog post to answer each one of their questions or solve every one of their problems.

The other thing to consider when it comes to creating content for you blog is to share your own experiences, and what you have learnt about your industry and your business, from developing new products, creating new packages of the services you offer, or attending conferences and networking.

Through your blog you can take people on a journey with you and share your insights.  This is your opportunity to open the window for them to peak in, and look behind the scenes at what it is you do and most importantly why.

There’s no escaping the fact that we are all inherently nosey and love a story, so why not share it?


O – Organised and Observant

Blogging can be one of those jobs when you’re busy running a business that slides further down your to do list, and this applies for me too!

Getting organised and planning when to write your posts, how often, when and where to share them will be key to the success of your blog.  Plus it will take away the overwhelm and panic that can easily consume you when you have a million and one other jobs to do.

Marking out time in your diary exclusively to plan your content in advance is definitely worth it, and once again if this is simply not your thing, or time doesn’t allow, then consider outsourcing it.

As well as being organised, be observant and keep track of the trends in your industry, and what your competitors are doing, so that you can be bang up to date with the content you are creating and sharing with your ideal audience.


G – Getting traction and growing your blog

If there is one piece of advice I can offer it would be to be patient.  You need to be committed and ready to invest time to grow your blog, and your audience.  Posting just one blog and expecting it to do amazing things and bring in loads of new business is unrealistic.

Think of it like you do any other sort of marketing content, what are your intentions?

For example your website may already rank amazingly well on search engines however you may want to inject some of your personality and a story element into your website.  Or maybe you are looking to build a bank of content that you can then repurpose for social media, video and other marketing opportunities.

Being clear on your objectives will ultimately make it easier when it comes to planning what you are going to write about.


Having a dedicated blog can help your business in so many ways, I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface in this blog, however here’s a quick run-down;

  • It can help people find you, through searchable content, for as long as it is timeless and relevant it can continue to work for you long after you’ve posted it.
  • It can improve your client / customer experience – where you can address questions and offer advice.
  • It’s an opportunity to spark a conversation and connect with the people you want to attract into your business.
  • It a place where you get to demonstrate credibility and build trust
  • And finally, it’s where you get to tell the story of your brand, your business and you! The part I am most passionate about, and love helping business owners to discover.


If you have found this blog helpful, please share it on your social media channels so others may benefit, and if you still have some unanswered questions, than please ping me a message, I would love the opportunity to help you.


Until next time, happy blogging and be truly you.

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