Sometimes the bravest thing to do is ask for help

It can feel a little lonely being your own boss, when you’re the one doing the hustle, making the decisions, and cracking on with making a go of it.

It can sometimes feel like everywhere you look, there are entrepreneurs nailing their brand, honing the avatar of their ideal client, writing their mission statement, and generally getting it done.

It can feel all-consuming and somewhat overwhelming at times.  However I’m pretty sure these people haven’t done it all inside the first year of trading, and all by themselves; so at what point did they ask for help?

Reaching out and asking for help is not a strength of mine.  By nature I am often the one helping others to recognise and cultivate their potential and by doing so that fills my cup and gives me a huge amount of pleasure.

That said, I am getting better, having discovered that in order to learn, grow and begin to take action, sometimes the bravest thing to do is to ask for help.


Before I entertained the idea of starting my own business, I made the conscious decision to invest in coaching (my first foray into asking for help.)  I had been very sceptical of coaching in the past, but that was when I was employed, and I didn’t truly understand the whole concept or its real value.

Coaching took me from being a stay-at home mum, feeling a little lost, and struggling to find myself in the chaos of life, to being more confident, self-aware, and living life with more purpose and creativity.

Meeting Claire through a networking group and engaging in regular 1 to 1 coaching was one of the best investments I made, and when it naturally came to an end, I set about making my way in the world of business and entrepreneurial life with Being Truly Me.


Throughout this first year, I have worked with some inspiring women in business, helping them to get their story out there, whether it has been for a one-off article, through their blog, or by creating the content for their website, so that it flows seamlessly in their voice.

All of these opportunities have given me so much to consider with regards to what direction I take my business.  Once again I have find myself at a crossroads and in need of someone to help me navigate the next steps.

This time I was much braver and appealed to a local networking community to ask for their help.  I went live into a Facebook group of fabulous entrepreneurial women of whom I felt confident to speak to, and shared with them my dilemma.

They didn’t let me down, not that I doubted they ever would.  They were encouraging and forthcoming with suggestions and ideas of whom I may like to work with, and who could help me begin the next chapter of my entrepreneurial life.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Through my work, I encourage my clients to share their story.  The story of them and their business, so that their audience can truly connect with their personality, their values, their vision, and the product or service they offer.

This is my story in real-time, and I am an example of how you don’t have to feel lonely being the boss. when you are a micro-business like me.  Joining groups and networks and engaging in conversation whether it is online or in person, having the opportunity to share your dilemmas, your successes and your failures with those whom you trust and who have your back is invaluable.

Surrounding yourself with folk that get you and what it is you are trying to achieve can be enormously beneficial and hugely rewarding.  Being part of a network is so much more than getting business through the door.  It’s about finding and connecting with people who will bring out the best in you, and help you to create and unlock the ideas you have for your business and make them a reality.

Sometimes being brave is asking for help, so what have you got to lose? Surely it can only lead to great things.
If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to blog on a regular basis, or you are struggling to nail your story, and capture that golden thread to weave through your website content, please reach out to me, maybe I could be the one to help you.

Until next time, be truly you.
































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