Being Truly You on the page, how I write about you, your story and your business.

It’s been a year since I published my first blog post.  From very humble beginnings, journaling at my kitchen table and only writing for myself, I soon realised that creating content was not only a skill I had to offer, writing was something that made my soul smile.

Over the past year not only have I moved from the kitchen table to the comfort of my home office, I have built a small business where I create personal, genuine and authentic content and blogs for entrepreneurs and other small businesses.

It is a huge privilege to write for other business owners.  Taking over the responsibility of telling their story, capturing their ideas and words requires trust, and I do everything in my power to take extra special care of them. I spend hours unravelling them, piecing them back together and adding to them to create a cohesive piece of content my clients can then use and repurpose as many times as they like.

I am a ghost writer, so you will not see my name or my brand Being Truly Me anywhere on the content I have created, because I am being truly you on the page.

I often get asked “how do you write, as if you are me?” and this is a very valid question, because in many cases I don’t have the specialist knowledge of your business, your product or services, and I’m not you.  Although I can listen to you.

Listening intently plays an enormous part in what I do to get to the essence of you and your business and every client I write for.  It gives me the opportunity to hear the truth of what it is like for you in your business and allows me to create a framework to which I can stick ideas, words, opinions and experiences to.  Recording all the milestones, the memories, and successes, helps to bring depth to the picture, and gives me a sound understanding of your character and the passion for what is it you do and most importantly why you do it.

You might say my approach is slightly unorthodox, as I record a lot of the conversations and interviews I have with my clients.  This allows me to listen back to their words, so that I can weave them into the content I am creating, giving their audience the clear impression that it is them on the page and not me.

I also spend time researching my clients by reading and watching their social media posts, taking note of common phrases, tone of voice, and themes that they like to write about, that showcase them as an expert in their field.  I also find it useful to read testimonials as this gives me an insight into how they work, how they interact with their clients and customers and an idea of the overall ethos of the business.

In essence; I help entrepreneurs and small business owners see that they have already generated an enormous amount of content ready for sharing just by going about their every-day life in their business. I help them to empty their head of all the words and stories that they have been collecting over time and take away the overwhelm of writing it all down to create meaningful content.

If you are stuck for ideas about what to write about for your business blog, newsletter, or website, I offer a 30 minute complimentary discovery call to “discover” whether I can help you, and you can book these right here.

Join me next time when I will be sharing with you everything about how the Courageous Women feature interview came to be, and how it has become a staple offering from Being Truly Me.

Until then, always be truly you!












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