In conversation with Claire Chapman: the story of her and her business Be the best U.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Chapman from Be the best U for our Courageous Women series of blogs recently.

Claire quit the day job in 2016 and set up her success coaching business in 2017.  She supports and enables people to transform their lived through Health, Wealth and Happiness.  Claire’s motivation to help others comes from her own personal experience of living with the debilitating effects of depression and bi-polar disorder.

Join me as we learn how Claire discovered a self-help programme that would go on to transform her life beyond recognition, and how her passion for personal development and growth is now her business.

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Claire Chapman

What was life like before Be the best U?

5 years ago I hit rock bottom. I was trying to hold down a full-time job in Engineering, raise my 2 beautiful children, and go through a divorce, all whilst facing the debilitating effects of depression and bi-polar disorder.   I wasn’t making progress despite being on medication and I had completely lost my way, lost who I was, and all hope of getting better.

It was horrible, and there was a moment in time when I looked around and thought if this is it then I don’t want to be here.  However in that very same moment, led on my sofa at home watching my children playing, time seemed to stand still.  The whole world felt as though it had stopped turning, and although I could see what was going on around me, it was as though I wasn’t there.  In that split-second that felt like half an hour, it was like I had been given space to breathe and time to think about what I really wanted in my life.  I had 2 amazing kids that needed me, and there was the answer. I had to help myself, so I could help them. I had to sort this out.

From that point onwards I started looking for a self-help programme, and stumbled across Sue Stones book Love Life, Live Life.  I read her book, and with it came 6 months’ worth of daily motivational videos via email.  Seeing that email land in my inbox and hearing this women’s beautiful voice offering me practical steps on how to get through each day saved me.  I did what she said and I started to see results.  Following her advice I wrote a 5 year plan, writing it as though I had already achieved it. With this I began to change my mind-set and manifest what I wanted in my life.

As well as her book I went on a programme to continue the personal development work I was doing. I could just see myself improving all the time through my daily disciplines.  I was starting to fight back, and I was achieving success in areas of my life again.  I started to find happiness and I began to love life.  I had ambition and I also met Simon.

Simon is absolutely perfect for me and with his support I quit the day job.  I wobbled around for a few months, and then I picked up the phone to Sue Stone.  Telling her that I had left my job having no idea what I was going to do she said “how about coaching?”  Sue installed the belief in me that I could help support others to achieve success in their lives, just like I had.  From the point of feeling suicidal to loving life again I now knew achieving what I had believed to be impossible was possible.

From there I was invited to train and become one of Sue Stone’s accredited coaches and before I knew it Be the best U was born.  Taking the leap from paid employment with nothing lined up was enormously scary, and yet incredibly liberating.  I finally felt free.

Where did your journey begin setting up your business?

Not really knowing it at the time it probably started when I decided to take ownership of my emotional health and wellbeing when medication and counselling were not helping me move in the direction I wanted to.   Making the decision to seek out alternative ways to help myself was the start of something that back then I didn’t know was possible.

I knew deep down that being in the corporate world was not a great fit for me.  I felt like a square peg in a round hole, and somehow I needed to find a way to work for myself.

Picking up the phone to call Sue Stone was probably the moment when the penny dropped, and I realised that I was capable of so much more beyond the realms of engineering.  From everything I had experienced in my life up to that point, realising that I could enter into coaching, and turn what was a really negative time in my life to a positive situation inspired me.

Taking the blinkers off and opening my eyes to opportunities and different ways of learning that I had not ever considered before was enlightening.   Having the faith and belief of someone such as Sue Stone as well as my partner and family to help me take those first few steps was just amazing.

What surprising lessons have you learnt along the way?

I’ve learnt that I have the ability within me to create the life I want, to foster a positive mind-set and overcome huge obstacles.

I now always go for Plan A there is never a Plan B.  If Plan A doesn’t quite work out, then I have gained from it anyway, by learning what not to do or what to differently next time.  Failing for me is the first act in learning.

I do spend a fair amount of my time connecting with people on social media, and I’ve learnt that it’s important to make sure the energy I’m putting into things comes from the heart, and that when I show up it’s me, and I’m being genuine.  I did get stuck in a rut of doing things because I had committed to a certain time or plan and I wasn’t seeing positive results, so I made a change.

For me it’s all about learning as I go along, and helping to inspire others to make shifts in their life just like I did.  From this I have come to realise that I am like a channel, helping to guide my clients towards success, giving them hope and faith that change is possible.

www.beingtrulyme.com Courageous Women Feature Interview Blog

What’s a typical week like for you?

There’s definitely a typical day and then I think they probably just multiply into weeks.

So every day when the alarm goes off at 6 I make time to meditate, and from my meditation comes a call to action.  I then dive straight into writing my journal and gratitude’s.   I’ve discovered that by creating this daily ritual I am always moving forward and starting the day with real positive energy.

Then it’s time to get the children up, be mum, and get them off to school.

After the school rush, I’m out come rain or shine every morning walking our 2 dogs Toby and Bentley. I love being out in nature and away from all the noise and busyness of life; it’s somewhere I can get really creative.  You will often find me going live on social media at this time, it’s where I feel most free and comfortable to share my thoughts for the day, and reach out to people.

Back home I grab a coffee and head into the office.  It’s then that I read my affirmations, my goal and inner vision statement. As part of this routine I also do mirror work, where the focus is very much on learning self-love on a deeper level.  Once I’m done, the computer goes on and I jump into the world of networking, social media, client-calls, and learning new things for the business. I’m on development programmes both for myself and my business, and I am constantly learning and growing.

I generally work ‘til the end of the school day when the bus arrives, and it’s time to be mum again until dinner, bath and bedtime.

I do work in the evenings, popping back in the office to catch up with anything or to read a book, and I have a book club call around 9pm where the focus again is on self-development.

My days are full to bursting, although it’s my choice.  I have created a work-life blend that works for me and my family and that is what it’s all about.

What has been the biggest challenge in your business?

One of the biggest challenges has probably been putting myself out there and being me.  In the corporate world I could hide behind a product or the business, so it has definitely been a challenge to get out there and promote myself.

Another challenge I have had to face has been to find ways to seek out support and not become isolated working on my own.   I am now part of a mastermind group, we have a call once a week, and I also have an accountability partner.  We work really well together, boost each other when times are difficult, and celebrate our successes.

I have also had to challenge my own beliefs and patterns of behaviour.  I always used to work out the how before I set about doing anything in life, and it was limiting my ambitions and success.  Now it’s all about taking the leap of faith, breaking through the fear, and trusting my goal.

What are your greatest passions in life?

My greatest passion is to take every moment and live it. Not so long ago I was a person who simply existed, now I am truly living and loving life.

My big goal is that I want to inspire and enable people to transform their lives though simple success, and once I’ve achieved personal financial success it is my mission to give back through charity, whether that’s through financial support or by starting my own.

www.beingtrulyme.com Courageous Women Feature Interview

Who inspires you to be the best you?

There are 6 people in my life who inspire me each and every day to be the best version of me, and they have helped to inspire my daily affirmations;

I am always full of knowledge and growth

I am always full of faith and belief

I am creative through my words

I am an incredible inspirational speaker with value

I am a free spirit, to be free in my mind

I am always moving forwards

My partner Simon inspires me through his love for knowledge and growth, Sue Stone has always instilled me with faith and belief, and there is my mum who is so incredibly creative.  Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher (who I’ve had the pleasure to meet and listen to) are the most amazing inspirational speakers, and they have inspired me to pursue public speaking.  There is Eva my daughter who is a complete free spirit and into everything.  She inspires me to let go and be free in my mind, and finally there is my Dad, a man who just never gives up on anything.  He has shown me that with perseverance and strength I can always move forward in my life.

What are you most grateful for in your business?

I am enormously grateful for the people I have met and who I am surrounded by in my life now. I couldn’t have done any of this stuff on my own.

I am also grateful for the lifestyle I have been able to create.  Being able to work from home, care for my family, and have a life where I feel free is amazing.  I really feel I am free to be me now.

Knowing the transformation I have made, and the impact it has had on my life and those around me, it’s wonderful to be able to share those tools with my clients.  Seeing them transform and make massive shifts in their lives blows my mind every time.

What do you consider to be courageous?

Being courageous is learning to take on those huge jumps when you don’t know where you are going to land.  For me this is having the faith and belief to go for something when it feels right, even though I might not know the how only the why.  As Bob Proctor once said “Jump! You will develop the wings along the way,” and I haven’t crashed yet!

What’s next for you?

My business has evolved and grown with me over the past few years.  Going forward my business will be focusing on success coaching, covering everything from personal growth, relationships, family, spirituality, health, wealth, and wellbeing.

From a personal perspective I am secure in 5 of these areas having worked hard through my daily disciplines over the past few years.  I am now focusing on health and wealth, and to help with this I have very recently started working closely with Linda Proctor joining Ziga International, a health and wellbeing company.  This is a really exciting opportunity for me to help others achieve their big goals and dreams in life, and create a second income stream.

I also have other big plans for the future; I’ve got 5 book titles I want to write.  I want to venture into public speaking, and hold in person workshops.  I’m also working towards developing an App to help people take the steps they need to get unstuck.  As a bit of a go to tool based on bringing order into people’s minds, and showing them how to create healthy daily disciplines.

So yes, lots on the go!

Thank you Claire, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Only that mind-set is where it works for me. I’ve managed to change body shape, stop medication, develop meaningful relationships, find my perfect partner, start a business, and find my inner happiness, all through changing my mind-set.  I’ve learnt that you cannot change what has happened in the past, although you can harvest the good, and take it with you to wherever you want to go.

Here are 3 fabulous takeaway tips from Claire’s interview;

#1 Find a daily ritual that works for you, to start your day off in the right way – whether its meditation, daily affirmations, yoga, walking the dog, whatever your thing is use it as an opportunity to be you, and to bring yourself to the present and kick-start your day in a positive way.

#2 Don’t worry about the how, just be sure of the why – If you believe something is right and your intuition is strong go with it, you will work out the how along the way.

#3 If you don’t like the results you’re getting, change what you do!

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