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Why we all need some “golden time” each week

It feels as though it has been an age since I came and sat at my computer to write.  It hasn’t because that is my job, what I mean is to write and capture stories about anything and everything, and to have the free time to release my blog out into the world.

In between work, mum duties and the relentless demands to keep up with social media (which I love and hate all at the same time,) I’ve only had time to journal a bit when I’m tucked up in bed, or jot down the odd paragraph or short poem in my trusty notebook in between jobs.  There has been a distinct lack of time and clear head space to really let my imagination be free, and to think about this crazy world or being in business.   I really haven’t stopped to give myself the opportunity to think beyond the immediate task in hand; my head has simply felt too full.

On reflection, I am completely at fault on this one.  The reason why my head has felt so full, is that I may have over filled it slightly, and that is the danger when you run your own business, there’s always a list of things to do longer than you can ever get a tangible grip on.

The past few months have been full to bursting with networking opportunities, meetings with other amazing business owners, new work coming online and of course getting the jobs done.  All of which have been fabulous in equal measure, however I have not been very good at balancing all of that with time to simply think and get creative, as well as protecting some time for me.

When I set about creating my business nearly a year ago, I was really clear at the outset about what hours and days I ideally wanted to work, so that I could factor in time for stuff like yoga and running.   As well as to do the things I truly love, like being a mum and making a home for my family.  However as time has gone on, the boundaries have become somewhat blurred and I’ve lost my way a little.

I can’t deny it, these past few months have seen some exciting developments in my business, and I have been buzzing from the positive response in regards to what I do and what I can offer other businesses.  It has been wonderful to say yes to every meeting, every cup of coffee and every opportunity, however not only has it filled up my diary; it has filled up my head too.

Although I am enormously grateful for all the opportunities that have crossed my path, there’s a definite need in my life right now to re-address the blend of work and life and to get serious when it comes to time management.

This got me thinking about my son’s school.  They have this wonderful way of rewarding the children for all their efforts and achievements at the end of the week, they have what they call “golden time,” time to play, have fun and unwind.  Not only does it offer the children some much needed down time from what is a full on timetable, it’s scheduled in, so they really have something to look forward to.

Protecting a few hours over the course of the week is possible for me; I simply haven’t been disciplined enough recently to stick to my original plan, and draw a physical line in the diary so the time doesn’t get consumed by other things.  This was brought to the fore recently when I really wanted to say yes to a meeting, and I knew it clashed with the one day I try to reserve for my “golden time.”  As hard as it was to respond and decline the invitation, I knew it was the right decision.

In all honesty, my golden time has always been in the diary, I’ve just chosen to over-ride it a little too much lately, possibly because it can sometimes feel easier to say no to your-self than to someone else.   It’s likely that I may need to reset the balance again further down the road, however for now I am going to honour myself and commit to taking that time each week to come up for air.  I’ll be by spending my golden time this week it at yoga class, and a gentle wander round the local garden centre in the sunshine looking for some lovely summer blooms for the pots in my courtyard.

Now it’s over to you, do you have protected “golden time” in your diary to be truly you, and do something you love or to relax? I would love to hear your stories.

Until next time, shine bright everyone!



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