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Finding inspiration from a network of courageous women.

I’ve been a bit distracted of late.  My own blog writing has sadly been neglected and I’ve had little time to contemplate where I’m headed next on my journey, until now.

That said, I am certainly not complaining as my attention has been drawn to creating content for some fabulous business owners and tuning into their voice and their words.

It’s sometimes difficult however to turn back the dial, and reset it to my voice when I’ve been occupying someone else’s for a little while. So here I am, re-tuned and ready to go.

As we reach the end of the month, it always amazes me how time seems to pass by so quickly.  I’m sure it speeds up when you’re busy and distracted.  It’s so easy to get caught up in it, and not stop to be present which is a pity, but it happens.

The one time I did try to stop and get off the merry-go-round of life was during my winter hibernation over the festive period.  I took some time to reflect on the year, and to think about the amazing people I met on my journey.  How I challenged myself in different ways, and discovered all the things that helped me to come out of my shell and not hide away.

One of the things that really took me by surprise was for the first time I experienced what it was like to inspire others.  Whatever I set out to do last year; my intention was never really to inspire, only to believe in myself and ultimately achieve.  The process of being brave and believing in my ideas and goals however revealed so much more than I ever anticipated.

What’s that saying?  “Dance like nobody is watching” that was me.  I wasn’t really paying attention to what anyone else was interested in; I was just searching for me.  I wanted to make those little dreams in my head (like the Little Free Library) a reality.  I wanted to set myself what I thought was an impossible goal of running a ridiculously long way for someone who had never run, and smash it. I wanted to free myself from the burden of grief I had been carrying around with me for so long.  I simply wanted to peel back the layers, create some positive changes and live life being truly me.

Inspiring others wasn’t really part of the game plan.  But to hear it in person, to read it in messages, and to realise that as a direct result of your actions you have encouraged someone to realise a goal, or accomplish something positive, felt amazing and very special.

My inspiration to reach new goals, to try new challenges and to stay well most importantly, comes from wanting to be the best version of me.  So I can love, nurture and cherish my family the best way I can.

Inspiration to pursue my business goals and realise my true potential has also come from coaching and the many women in business who I meet up with on a regular basis through networking.

They continually demonstrate determination and courage to pursue great things in their business, and it’s contagious, and inspiring.  Their support and encouragement has been unwavering, and along with my family they have helped me to build the foundations of my business, giving me the confidence to allow my creativity to flourish.

So now feels the right time to showcase these courageous women, and give them the opportunity to share their story, the story of who they truly are.  These blog posts will feature interviews with female solopreneurs, women who have embraced their true selves and allowed that to spill over into the values of their business.  These interviews will look to discover what inspired them to be brave, to find their inner strength, and commit to starting a business of their own.

I look forward to bringing you these interviews very soon, so stay tuned.

Until next time, be your true self, and nothing else.

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