Have you set intentions for the year ahead?

Have you set intentions for the year ahead?

What path are you hoping to tread? Will it be full of adventure?

If you’re not sure how or what to answer in response to any of the questions above, don’t worry, the new year always brings lots of questions, new offerings, opportunities and beginnings. To get to the point of setting my own intentions for the coming year I first needed to hunker down and hibernate for a while.

The preparations for Christmas in our home are always a bit chaotic, but also magical watching it all develop through the eyes of my 6-year-old.  The joy for me is decorating the house & spending endless hours making paper chains, baking mince pies, setting up the tree & the lights, all to transform our house into a homely snug ready for our annual hibernation.   This has become somewhat of a ritual in our house, but one that is very much-needed as the year draws to an end.

Creating our cosy nest to retreat to over the festivities is always special. We spend endless hours watching movies, over-indulging in luxury food treats, catching up on sleep with the odd daytime nap, and purposely not joining the motorway masses or traveling too far.

It’s the perfect opportunity to re-charge the batteries.

During this time, it’s so easy to lose track of the days, with no real structure or normal routine in place.  And in my opinion this is not a bad thing.   Choosing to detach from the normal hum-drum and busyness of life, our only objectives were to unplug, unwind and eventually relax.

But there does come a time when reality bites.  As the chimes of Big Ben ring in the New Year the cravings for normality usually begins to kick-in (or maybe that’s just me) Emerging from being knee-deep in Lego and selection boxes, the time comes when you just have to put the remote down, get off the sofa, and make a start.

After all the build-up and excitement of Christmas, as much as I enjoy creating our homely nest, I love nothing more than taking it all down, and to de-clutter the house of anything remotely festive.

Starting the New Year means a spring clean, a wardrobe edit, and a duty trip to the charity shop.  To let go of clothes, toys, belongings, and clutter that simply doesn’t matter, it’s like wiping the slate clean, making room for the things in your life that really need your time and attention.  It’s such an energizing process, and another one of my many rituals.

2017 was the year I challenged myself to embrace lots of change, to discover what “being truly me” was all about, to open my heart to heal, and take better care of my health.  2017 was also packed full of adventure, new experiences, new friends and connections, and of course a new business.

We’re only a week into the New Year, and it already feels very different to that of 2017.  This time last year I was in a quandary, feeling overwhelmed and without a purpose. Oh how life has changed since then!

So what about resolutions for the New Year?

In all honesty I have never really been one for resolutions, but I do believe the New Year creates a natural pause in time. A pause to take a breath, to reflect on the year that’s past and consider where you are heading and what is truly important and valuable to us.  A pause to account for everything we need, as opposed to the things we want, and to set intentions.

But what are intentions?

According to MindyBodyGreen, intentions are the “fuel to manifesting your goals and visions.”  They liken setting an intention to that of “drawing a road map to where you wish to go.” Without it you are left wondering aimlessly with no guideline and no real destination.

My intentions for 2018 are simply to be kind to myself, to feel content, to live in the present and create harmony between work and home life.

These intentions will fuel my aspirations to be the best at what I do, as a writer, a mother, wife, and business owner.  They will help me to achieve my goals of giving back to those who have inspired and encouraged me along my journey, and to undertake a physical challenge in support of a worthy cause (something that is still yet to be confirmed!)

Now it’s over to youwhat does 2018 have in store for you? Are you setting any intentions? Are you, like me looking to consolidate and grow following a year of exciting adventures?

I would love to hear from you, feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment.

Wherever your journey takes you in 2018, may you stay true to you, and follow your own path.






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