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Is life ever too busy to do the things that are really worth your energy?

Oh that blinking cursor!

Writing my blog has recently felt a bit like trying to squeeze into that size 10 party dress that fitted me 10 years ago – it’s never gonna happen, or so I thought.  I was right on the first count, I’m never getting into any dress that’s over a decade old, and that’s a fact. Writing my blog on the other hand, well I had a choice, if I wanted it to happen I needed to make it happen.

It’s that time of year when the world seems to start spinning just a little bit faster, and you have to break into a light jog to simply keep up.

With the rush to get everything done ready for Christmas, parties to go to, school plays to watch, fancy dress outfits to make, or buy in my case (I was not making a Santa suit to fit a 6-year-old.)  The dress-down days, the Christmas jumper days, the cupcake competitions, and the fairs, there’s so much to fit in.

Add to that snow, school hours and plans changing daily, and kids getting no opportunity for playtime at school to burn off all those beans. To then race home like wild animals, running laps around the house for hours.

And then it gets dark at 4pm, so you feel like the day is done, and it’s time to shut the curtains and hibernate, so nothing more can be achieved.

In all seriousness, why does it have to get so crazy this time of year?

Well I kind of think we created the beast that is trying to get everything done and everything perfect ready for Santa’s arrival on the big day.  I really want to slow the pace down now, but momentum is building and it’s hard to find the break.

In reality I know it will all happen regardless of whether I’m ready for it, and if I haven’t got a wreath on the door, or those matching napkins and crackers organised, will it be a total disaster? No.

Despite my ranting, I am really looking forward to spending some much-needed time at home with my crazy bunch. Time to connect again, and to appreciate & value each other, and what we have achieved together over the year.

There will be time during the month to make my escape, and find peace and space in my head amongst the busyness to write and journal.  To reflect on what has been a memorable year of positive changes for me and the family, and to begin the process of setting my goals aspirations, and dare I say it another fundraising challenge for the New Year.

My inspiration to begin writing this year somehow came out of necessity to begin with. I needed to journal, I needed to let of steam, let go of some stuff and get to know me a bit more.  Writing it all down turned out to be the best way of doing it.

The most amazing outcome is what it has led to, something quite unexpected – a business of my own.  I can’t wait to find out where my journey will take me next, and who I will meet along the way.

So in all the joyous chaos that is the build up to Christmas, I’ve leant that life’s never too busy to do the things that are really worth your energy.  Such as attending school events and seeing my sons eyes light up when he sees I’m there, and taking some quiet time to ponder and reflect, and write my blog.become more awareOrganising my time more effectively and checking my priorities has been essential. Letting the laundry pile up or leaving the vacuum cleaner in the cupboard for another day was never going to harm anyone.

Writing is something that I need to give my energy and time to, and something I need to prioritise. It’s my way of being truly me.

My inspiration to write and blog now comes from listening to other people’s fascinating stories, to what ignited their passion to start-up in business, and to how they live their lives and feel fulfilled.  My other inspiration is my family, and my son often sings words and songs that have no formal origin, only that of his imagination.

So I will leave you with his latest creation, a little ditty he started singing sat at the dinner table one evening.  It feels quite pertinent to not only my journey, but how we can all endeavour to be, despite all the craziness going on around us.

I will be brave

I will be brilliant

In my own way


I will be strong

I will be heroic

In my own way


I will be me

I will have fun

In my own way


Be all of these things and enjoy the festivities.

Until next time, be you and only you, in your own way.


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