Why starting a business is like climbing a rock face?

Now we are into the last month of the year, I have been giving some thought to what the past 6 months has been like being in business as a Blog Writer.  I’ve chosen to liken my business journey so far to that of climbing a rock face, and here’s why.

As opposed to the proverbial learning curve, my journey has been more of a vertical ascent.  A curve to me sounds more gentle and inviting; somewhere you might take a stroll, and stop along the way to take in the view once in a while.  For me it has been a steep climb, and at times I’ve had to find some safe ledges to haul into, a place to take refuge, breathe and feel safe, before venturing out and carrying on.

So why is starting a business like climbing a rock face?

From my experience, you have to face fears, be brave, and vulnerable to the elements, and go beyond what feels comfortable, step out of that comfort zone as they say.  You have to be focused, self-disciplined, and invest time and energy into every step you take. It is however exhilarating and rewarding when you realise you are doing it, you have a business, and what were once dreams and ideas jotted down in a notepad, start to become a reality.

I started with an empty pot, and no real business or financial plan in place (apparently these are a good idea to have, and I will get round to them at some point.)  I had a big dream, and I suppose what I am saying is, it is possible to start without all the formal stuff in place.

Standing at the rock face and looking up, or in the literal sense staring at a blank notepad with an idea in my head, it was important to me that I felt secure – I didn’t want to fall off that rock face.  I wanted to feel secure in the knowledge that what I was doing felt totally in line with me, and secure in the fact that I had people around me to anchor and guide me, as well as cheer me on – we all need a cheerleader sometimes!

Setting up business on your own I thought might be a bit lonely (although that is one of the reasons why I chose to do it, so that I could be the boss – the boss of me and no-one else.)  Just like being out on the rock face, it’s you and you alone that make it happen.  However finding your tribe, those people who will support you, guide, promote and work with you, and get you up that rock face is so important.  Having your tribe around you means that although you might be alone working away in your business, you are never lonely.

Joining networking groups and engaging with other business owners to discover what they are creating and how they are progressing with their business has been a brilliant opportunity and place to find my tribe.  Making connections and having those moments where you just click with someone, meeting the people who just get you and get what you’re trying to achieve is so up-lifting and motivating.  It’s these folk that will get you up that rock face and help you reach the summit, and reach your goals.

Once you’ve climbed that particular rock face, it’s funny how you notice beyond it is the next mountain to climb. Another new challenge, a new prospect, but with all that you’ve learnt you’re ready to take it on.

So here I am 6 months on, and I have had some wonderful opportunities to meet new people, to hear new stories, to be inspired, and experience life as a business owner in my business.  There is still so much to learn, and so much to achieve, but all in good time.

Until next time, be truly you and your tribe will find you.

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