Finding time to blog

Well here’s the situation, it’s Thursday morning, I’m sat at the kitchen table (my happy comfort zone) and the laptop’s on.  I’ve just finished a piece of work for a client. The washing machine has beeped waiting for me to do something with it, the to do list is still to do, and  I’m running out of days in which to create a blog to post out.

This week has been a bit like the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good being that I completed all my client work, wrote a presentation for a meeting I’m attending later this month, had the opportunity to do some great stuff with my little free library and I networked a bit.  I’ve also been around to attend school stuff with my son (which I love!)

The bad is that I’ve had a stinking cold, felt utterly fatigued and fed up of not having the energy to go out for a run or get to places that I’ve really wanted to.

And the ugly bit, well maybe not so much ugly, but just displeasing to the eye. I’m talking about me, my red and sore nose, blotchy skin and achy bones.

So this week the priority to write my own blog sadly slipped to the bottom of the to-do-list.  The priorities were self-preservation, keeping warm, conserving energy, getting well, and honouring most of the commitments already made.

I used to worry what others would think, and feel disappointed if I hadn’t achieved my to-do-list, or had to say no to people.  Now I accept that some weeks everything falls into place, and others it just doesn’t.   We all have to make decisions about what needs our attention more, and what can wait.

So to sum up, I am not wonder woman. I am me. The whole world is not waiting for me, nor do I possess any super powers (sadly.)

This has been my week, and when I say it has been a bit like the good, the bad, and the ugly, I’m pleased to say it’s been mostly good.

So although this is not an official blog post, it is a blog all the same, and I feel glad to have shared it with you.

Stay true to you.

See you soon for the next installment from Being Truly Me.



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