Harnessing my power as an introvert!

When I decided this year to put myself on this road to self-discovery and personal healing I really had no idea where I was heading, or what business I might create. Was this naïve, maybe? Has it been intensely liberating and insightful, most definitely!

I had to write my own road map, create the route, and look for opportunities that would guide and inspire me along the way.

Looking back, I can honestly say that most, if not all the opportunities that have crossed my path so far were actually there all of the time.  They were just hiding in plain sight.

It transpired that these opportunities were with people whom I had met through networking over the past few years.  They were ideas I had seen and remembered, only to put them in the memory bank for another day.

This year I made the conscious decision to stop and to notice them, and consider how with their help and input, my life could become so much richer and healthier as a result.

Turning to herbal medicine to compliment my existing treatment for a chronic condition has been enormously therapeutic, and I have been in remission for nearly a year – which is just amazing!  Seeking out new ways to relax my body and mind through yoga and more recently meditation, has been genuinely inspiring, helped me to focus mt intentions and quiet my mind.  Asking for help and guidance through mindful coaching has also had a huge impact on what direction I am now headed.  Affording me the opportunity to ask questions of myself and look inwards for the answers.

So why didn’t I notice all these wonderful people around me before now? Maybe I wasn’t ready or maybe I was too caught up in things to notice. Either way, they were there quietly waiting in the wings, ready for me to call them on stage.

As it turns out, I am also bit of an introvert.  And on reflection my introvert tendencies may have also been at play here, without me truly knowing.

Naturally quiet and observant, I am a bit of a people watcher and deep-thinker. I know it takes me a little longer to develop a rapport and build trust with people, but I like to think I make meaningful and lasting friendships as a result. Making small talk and not wanting to say or do the wrong thing combined with a strong sense of self-reliance and a do-it-yourself-by-yourself mind-set, almost certainly contributed to me taking my time to realise and accept what was available to me.

Discovering more about my personality type has been fascinating.   Understanding what makes me with my introvert traits tick, has answered a lot of questions about me as a person now, and in my former working life as a registered nurse.

Nursing was the career I chose when I left college and one that I worked hard for.  I possessed all the right qualifications, and skills. I demonstrated dedication and commitment to serving those in my care, but it drained me of everything.

Whether I was working in a fast paced surgical ward, on a hospital ship in a war zone, or consulting with a patient to rehabilitate them back to work from long-term sick, I would always give it my all.  But at times I would become so overwhelmed, exhausted, and anxious, and back then I just put it down to the job.

I am sure some of it was the job, and I understand that’s life and work, but realistically it wasn’t a sustainable career choice for me, and now I know why.

It’s because I’m that person who is totally happy spending time alone.  I love nothing more than sitting quietly, thinking and creating.  I gain my energy from within my comfort zone and from having down-time, as opposed to being in large groups of people, or in people’s company 24/7.

So when I started to write and journal, this naturally meant that I was spending more time sat at my kitchen table (my comfort zone) contemplating ideas.  And it was here that I realised I had come alive, I could be me.

Blogging and writing for others in my business means that I now get to work one to one with people. I’m in charge, and I can set the boundaries, its my business.  I can take time to listen, think deeply, and quietly observe and gather information in the way I want to.  I get to be creative, write stories, and be part of other people’s journeys, and still have time to re-charge so that I stay well.

Harnessing my natural introversion I know will not only serve me and my family.  It will also serve my clients, and how I do business.  Knowing this means I am able to plan my schedule, allowing me time and space to regain my energy, so that I can live and work to my full potential, helping me to be truly me.

Are you in a business or profession that allows your true personality to shine? I would love to hear your stories, please feel free to share here.

See you soon.





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