Writing from the heart in remembrance.

This year I had the honour and privilege of creating and writing the words for a commemorative plaque on an very special bench.  The plaque on the bench was to be in remembrance of the life of my big sister.

The bench was going to be somewhere of great sentiment.  A place to go to alone or not. A place to go and sit, take a picnic, have a cup of tea, just somewhere to contemplate, reflect and take time out.

As soon as it was decided we as a family were going to have this plaque installed on a bench in a beautiful local park, it took me no time at all to come up with some words.  I somehow instinctively knew what message I wanted to convey, and what feeling I wanted the words to create.  I recall having a really strong image of how it was going to be.

This was quite early on in the year when I had only just begun journaling and posted only a handful of blogs.  But that intuitive response to creating the words for the plaque was instant.  I didn’t have to consciously think too hard, it really just came to me.

I have always blogged trusting my instinct and my intuition. I write what feels real, and I write from the heart, and that was certainly true in this case.

Last week I took some time out in the sunshine to go and sit on our bench. It is a favourite place of mine to go to, to recharge, and get inspired.  It must have worked, as later that same week I had a burning desire to write more of this poem, more of the words I had created for the plaque.

So with all the Sunday dishes around me at the kitchen table, I took out my trusty notebook after dinner and began writing, I couldn’t get the words down quick it enough. This was not planned or a conscious process, it was spontaneous, and here are the words I wrote;

A message from a beautiful soul………………………


Take a seat and be with me

I am here just not to see

Come rest your feet, and your mind

Enjoy the view and take some time


Share your thoughts and talk to me

I can help, just let me in

Feel my warmth, I’m all around you

I will follow and support you


To sit behind

Be at your shoulder

Just know I’m there

As you grow older


Forever young I will stay

Remember memories of yester day

Keep them safe and look back fondly

Go forth now, brave and boldly


Do not have fear

Do not have doubt

You have the strength

You’ll figure it out


Writing comes so naturally

But hidden deep from all to see

It’s time to flourish, set it free

It’s your time, to dream and be


I cannot call, mail or skype

Instead inspire your thoughts to write

Open your heart, open your mind

Believe in you, trust what feels right

Show your passion, be honest and true

The sky’s the limit, it’s there for you

Don’t put barriers in the way

Live, love, laugh and seize each day

Writing these words came as such a wonderful surprise, as it was so unexpected.  That’s what I love about writing, sometimes it catches you out.

So here I am sharing with you what comes naturally to me, it is no longer hidden deep, but definitely for you all to see.

Until next time, be truly you











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