Time to hit the reset button!

How is September working out for you?

Is it what you planned or expected?

September is that month where everything feels new, from new school uniform, shiny new shoes, to fresh new starts and time to think about new intentions, goals and opportunities for the rest of the year.

I thought that from the first day of term when my son went back to school, that everything would fall into place and routine again. That I would feel refreshed rejuvenated and have the energy and drive to get up that morning, get blogging, set my actions, move my business forward, and generally rock the world!

In reality I just wanted to go back to bed after the school drop off and hibernate.

I felt bereft of money, spending throughout the summer holidays, and then school uniform and the like. Bereft of company, having the little man at my side for 6 weeks to make me laugh and smile and create a lot of noise. And generally knackered having decided it would be a great idea to run a half marathon the very last weekend of the school holidays, when you only have a miserly ounce of energy left in your body after being at home with a 6 year old all summer.

So the start of September has been a bit bumpy. But I wouldn’t have changed my summer for all the tea in china.  Only next year I might just need to adjust my expectations of myself, and plan better so that I don’t exhaust all my own resources.

But I do think September takes a bit of adjusting to. Whether you’re a mum at home like me, and suddenly the house is quiet, and you’re trying to get back into the routine and work your business around it again.  Or you now have time on your hands as all the children are at school, and you’re weighing up your options.  Or you’re a parent whose child is off to explore the big wide world, and leave home.

September has a habit of creating a void, and then what do we do with that void? Do we leave it, or do we fill it?

My void wasn’t unexpected, I knew it was coming, but it still felt a little odd.

I knew I had to replenish and restore myself that said I was frustrated that I wasn’t at the top of my game and getting everything done as I usually would the first week of the school term.  In reality it really didn’t matter.  Everyone had clean and ironed clothes to wear, a pack lunch for school and work, a cooked meal and a warm home to come back to. Happy days!

This week I have felt more like me again, and less like wanting to put my head on the table and go to sleep.  My energy and vibration feels more positive and I’ve been more proactive in my business and the projects I’m working on.

I went along to a fabulous group meditation session this week, something that I have really missed over the summer.  Taking time to be still, to focus on just one thing (as opposed to all the crazy multi-tasking we try and do every day of our lives) and to re-energise.  It was here where I realised after my period of readjustment and recovery following the half marathon that I could finally hit the reset button.

So September can officially start from now for me. I’m back in the game and ready to get creating.

Sometimes weeks and months don’t go to plan or as we had expected. And my “fresh start September” certainly took me a little by surprise, when it didn’t happen on day one of the new school term.

But I’m fine with that, because it really only mattered to me, nobody else noticed. Nobody else was worried that I hadn’t done the housework or written some blog posts etc. It was a scenario that I had created, but lessons have been learnt, and here are my top 3 reminders:

  1. Summer holidays at home with our children can be fun and totally fulfilling, but remember you are unlikely to feel refreshed and rejuvenated unless you have organised and taken some time for yourself in those 6 weeks.  Remember self care!
  2. Do not set unrealistic goals or targets to achieve in the first week of the school term. Take a breath!
  3. Remember September is a month like any other month of the year, and new starts and beginnings can happen at any time.  Make every month as important as the last!

Enjoy September and all that it brings to you and your family and I’ll bring you more from Being Truly Me very soon.











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