How telling your story could be good for business?

Just over a month ago I stood up in front of a group of local business women at a networking coffee morning and introduced myself as a Blog Writer.

I won’t lie to you, it was pretty daunting, but at the same time totally exhilarating.  I was so excited about sharing my new venture with everyone, I was ready to burst.

I boldly set out my intentions to the group of women sat in front of me that day, as they all focused on me for my 60 second introduction.  I was on the look-out for opportunities to write other people’s stories, and to blog for female entrepreneurs. I wanted to help them get their voice heard.

It felt great to share my blog and my aspirations with such a welcoming and supportive group of inspiring women.  But what I hadn’t planned or prepared myself for that day was that someone in the group would actually ask me to write their blog – which is exactly what happened! (Note to self – always be prepared.)

So, how did this all come about? How did I know I wanted to write for other people?

Before my blog existed, I made the decision to focus my time and energy to discover the things that made me shine this year. I needed to re-examine the habits and fears and ways of working that were holding me back. So I did just that!

I recall telling this story to a small group of ladies at a workshop earlier in the year, where one of them suggested that I should blog about it, and the rest as they say is history.

Choosing to publish the blog on social media was terrifying initially.  I had opened myself up to be scrutinised.  I had allowed myself to be vulnerable. And given others permission to take a look in through a window of my life.

Despite the trepidation at first, feelings of happiness, pride and realisation that it was all ok soon flooded in, with messages of support and comments about the blog that made me only want to do it more.

Telling my story got me thinking about all those ladies with whom I meet up with on a monthly basis at networking events, and how each and every one of them must have their own unique and personal story about their business.  Whether it’s a story about where the passion and energy originated to strike out on their own, or what makes them, their service or product different to any other in their field.  I instinctively knew I wanted to be the one who would look through the window of their life in business, and write about it. I wanted to be their voice, to help tell their story.

Why is story telling important to business?

A few weeks ago I was at a local ladies function.  Following the guest speaker and a bite to eat, I got talking to a wonderfully talented lady about her business, why she loves it so much, and gets the results she does.  We talked about our own personal journeys and the challenges and changes we have faced along the way.  Then she said something really interesting, she said “but I don’t have a story to tell.”  

Her comment stuck with me, and I get it. When you say your story out loud it may not sound much at all to you.  But when you put those thoughts and experiences down on paper, they are real, they are honest, and they have true meaning.  They can serve to  inspire others.

I read a blog post by Sir Richard Branson recently, where he positively encouraged story telling for entrepreneurs, and not be afraid of telling your story, as it helps others to understand what you are truly about.

Telling your story is an opportunity to create an intriguing narrative to inspire your customers to buy your product, attend your workshop, or use your services. And blogging is a great way to deepen that connection with them and build their trust.

My ambition is to step into the role of a story-teller and blog-writer, and be in the privileged position of writing for other female entrepreneurs to showcase their stories, about their businesses whilst being true to their values.

If you would like to find out more about what Being Truly Me can offer you and your business blog, I would be delighted to hear from you, and help you to craft your story.

So what’s next? Letting go of that “supposed to be” feeling. Letting go of fear, and the need to fill every void in life.

See you soon










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