How writing made me ……… be truly me.

Who loved to keep a diary or a journal when they were younger? Who still takes the time to hand write a card, letter or postcard to a friend of loved one?

Putting pen to paper, there’s just something special about it. I’m not sure you can quantify it.  Maybe its just a feeling or a connection.

For me, writing was something I stumbled across, but it was definitely something I needed to do.  Ever since it has become an important and integral part of me and my life.

The whole process of setting out your intentions or thoughts on a page, allows you to really connect with every part of your own self.  You can express your thoughts (your brain) your emotions (your heart) and your instinct and intuition (your gut.)

But in today’s world it is difficult to make time to get connected with ourselves and feel grounded. We all seem to be getting busier and busier, and more reactive to what’s coming at us.  We can instant message or email people.  Sometimes we don’t even have to think what to write, with predictive text and autocorrect it’s all done for you.

It’s all about giving yourself permission and setting aside some time for you (guilt free time) to write, if writing is the thing for you.

So, what are the 5 things that writing and journaling has given me, that I did not have before?

1.       Time to take stock.

Making the time to sit and journal, getting down on paper that internal dialogue, all those questions, emotions, and stories, has been so freeing.  It’s a great opportunity to reflect, and learn about yourself.  Often the answers are there, writing just brings them to the fore.

It’s also a great way of filing stuff away that you either want to keep as a memory, or let go of if it no longer serves you.

2.       It has unleashed a creative skill.

Looking back writing has always been with me.  Whether it’s been writing reports in a professional capacity or academic writing, I have always enjoyed immersing myself in a project.  Only this time round it’s on my terms, and I can be as creative as I choose.

3.       The opportunity for expression.

I am not a confrontational kind of girl. I seek out harmony at every opportunity, and admit I sometimes avoid those difficult conversations.  Whether I choose to journal about it or publish something in a blog, words to me can be far more powerful and objective than a conversation sometimes.

4.       To discover a passion.

I have always enjoyed a good novel, and then children’s books came into my life when I had my son.  From this point onwards stories and books just became a part of daily life. The interest and intrigue about the written word began to emerge, and through journaling, it was here I discovered my passion to write.  Leading me to share my stories, and go on to write for others too.

5.       A self-help tool – writing to heal.

Writing a journal (not every day I might add) has given me a way to better understand myself, and to learn from my life experiences in a more positive light. Taking that control and being open through the medium of writing, has meant that my emotions are no longer being internalised, creating undue stress, and manifesting in a flare up of my underlying medical condition.

I have no way of quantifying what percentage of my health has improved as a result of writing, I only know that I love it, and when I’m writing I feel as though I am being truly me.

So why not give it a try, write a letter to someone, write about your day or acknowledge how someone has made you feel.  It could even be something you have accomplished.  I would love to hear how you get on, keep me posted!

So what’s next? I took the opportunity to create something recently, something that I knew had the potential to benefit many of those in my close community. A simple an act of kindness. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Stay tuned.

Charlotte x


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